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Perfect Opposite Playlist:

1. Poets Of The Fall – Where Do We Draw The Line
I love this song. It’s so full of sorrow that my heart breaks in two every time I hear it. I spent hours replaying it while I was writing the last chapters of Perfect Opposite.

2.Carlos Varela – Una Palabra
Great song from Man On Fire OST. When I listen to music, I usually focus on the melody rather than words. In this case it was impossible. I choose the video with English lyrics, but original version is much better. Every time I hear this melody it reminds me of a scene ( chapter 13) when Sasha and Alex are sitting in the dark hallway.

3. Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know
One of “Perfect Opposite” chapters has the same title, so…

4. Pain Of Salvation – Second Love
This one reminds me of my first “true love”. I was 18 and completely devastated when we broke up. I got wasted and spent the whole weekend in my room, crying my eyes out. POS is one of my favorite bands, definitely.

5.Adele – Set Fire to the Rain
One and only. Adele.

6. Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence
The scene at the club in Chapter 4. Oh, I will never forgive myself for not going to their concert last year.

7. Billy Idol – White Wedding
Sasha is playing this one in Chapter 11.
8. Remember Me – Josh Groban
The only way to live forever is to be remembered. Another OST, this time from Troy.

9. Jason Derulo – Blind
Sasha’s song

10. James Morrison – Broken Strings ft. Nelly Furtado
Every time I hear his voice I feel this incredible tenderness, like I want to hug the whole world.

11. Kings Of Leon – Closer
This one reminds me of Alex. And the way Caleb sings… it’s so filled with emotion.

12. Flashdance – Maniac
To cheer up a little – The last one – Bet’s song

– Playlist originally posted on  My Favorite Things Blog 


Interview with Aleksey:


Character Interview Alex photo

Interviewer: Alex, we know very little about what you did before you and Sasha met. Can you tell us something about your life?

Alex: I’m not sure I’m allowed to say… (smirks). I have some inside information that Zoya is preparing second book where all sordid details will be revealed, and I really don’t want to make her mad by giving away something I shouldn’t. She almost killed me in this one, so I wouldn’t want to risk it. (laughs)
Interviewer: And if she did, kill you I mean, what would you like written on your tombstone?

Alex: Anyone ever told you that you’re one bit morbid chick, hmm? I suppose it would be something like ‘He was fucking them over for too long, so they fucked him up eventually’.


Interviewer: That’s really creative, Alex.

Alex: Thank you.


Interviewer: Can you tell me something about your childhood? Or that is also a closed subject?

Alex: Mostly, it is. Sorry.


Interviewer: OK, OK. We’ll leave that there, but you’re making it hard on me, you know? At least, tell me one thing, do you think you’ve turned out the way your parents expected?

Alex: Hell, no! If I had, I’d probably be in jail right now. But, don’t ask me why, ‘cause I can’t tell you.


Interviewer: And, have you ever? Been in jail, I mean…
Alex: So, I look like ex-convict to you too? Deal lord! (laughs)


Interviewer: A little. But, I have the feeling you’re trying to avoid the question.

Alex: Maybe… (quizzical look)
Interviewer: You’re really hard to talk to, you know? Now I understand Sasha’s frustration with you. (rolls eyes)

Alex: Guilty.


Interviewer: Besides being stubborn, which is a very obvious trait, do you have any other flaws?

Alex: Tons!


Interviewer: Tell me the worst one.

Alex: Probably the fact that I find it very hard to connect with people. Emotionally, I mean. When you have a job like mine, the first thing you learn is how to detach yourself from the people around you, because eventually you’ll have to do something that’s gonna hurt them. And if you start reconsidering your orders and having second thoughts about what simply must be done, then you’re not fit to do the job. Unfortunately, it starts to be a reflex and extends to your personal life, also.


Interviewer: Have you ever found yourself in that kind of situation, where you had to reassess some of your orders?

Alex: Too many times. (looks away and then at a name tattooed on his forearm, set between some abstract symbols)


Interviewer: (following his gaze ) Who is Melanie? Your ex? What does Sasha think about you having an ex’s name tattooed on your arm?

Alex: Melanie was a little girl I knew once.


Interviewer: Was?

Alex: She’s dead. (taking a deep breath and rolling his shirt sleeve down, covering the tattooed name). Can we move on to some other question?


Interviewer: Sure. I’m sorry for upsetting you.

Alex: It’s OK. Just some skeletons in closets that I don’t feel comfortable talking about.


Interviewer: Deal. So, moving on… What you consider your greatest achievement?

Alex: There would be two things. First, it’s understanding the importance of self-preservation. Emotional self-preservation.


Interviewer: That’s… interesting. Can you elaborate on that a little?

Alex: (lights a cigarette and blows two circles of smoke in the air) As I said, in my line of work, emotional self-preservation and detachment is imperative. If you lose those things, you have a huge problem, my friend; one that will probably get you killed, and sooner rather than later. I was able to accept that, and accepting that saved my life more than once. Forcing yourself to think only about ways of using people to get what you want, and literally walking over people to get where you need to be, without sympathy or compassion is not an easy feat. I was really proud of myself when I got to that level, because I knew I was doing it for the ‘greater good’.


Interviewer: And what’s second in line when it comes to your greatest achievements?

Alex: Second, and I might place it higher in terms of importance, would be understanding the absolute stupidity of emotional self-preservation and detachment. (smiles)


Interviewer: I’m not following you now. That runs contrary to the first, surely.

Alex: Funny, right? I’ll try to explain.


Interviewer: Please. I’m all ears.

Alex: So, emotional self-preservation and detachment. The phrase is burdened by an oxymoron. Human beings can never detach completely or bring about a foolproof state of non-caring. We can only suppress, tie down or hide our emotions, even from ourselves. But they never vanish completely, and in the end you become a bitter and angry person because the poison that seeps through those layers of repressed feelings starts to chew on your soul. You become a shell. An empty shell, walking around, looking at people without really seeing them. And you’re not even aware. I was lucky, you know… finding my shining star before I died inside completely. Although, I did have to lay my greatest achievement to waste in the process, which has been rather hard to do.


Interviewer: Shining star? You mean…

Alex: Yes. She was my antidote. Bitter little pill, but my cure nonetheless. (laughing)


Interviewer: You two really are strange combination…

Alex: Well, as Nikolai once said – Extreme problems call for extreme measures. Let’s say that, sometimes, even the worst combination can become an unexpected and extraordinary salvation.


Interviewer: That sounds romantic … in some strange kind of way.

Alex: If you say so…


Interviewer: You don’t consider yourself romantic?

Alex: Based on Sasha’s reactions those few times when I tried to be, not very much. She says I’m mentally defective in that department.


Interviewer: I don’t believe that. She was probably just being too harsh. What did you do?

Alex: Well, once I was coming home from work and decided to buy her some flowers. I’d been working a night shift and all florists were closed, so I decided to stop by our neighbor’s garden and, well, steal some.


Interviewer: Ohh… that’s cute.

Alex: So, there I am, standing in the door frame, holding out my prey with pride and expecting her to be… you know, all emotional. Instead, she stares at the bouquet in my hand and starts laughing like crazy.


Interviewer: What? Why?

Alex: The flower I took turned out to be pepper plant in bloom. I mean, what the fuck? It was dark out there. How would I know? Besides, I’d never seen a pepper plant before. I would have expected it to be… I don’t know, bigger.


Interviewer: (laughs) But it’s the thought that counts, right?

Alex: That’s exactly what I said! Regardless of that, she decided that I’m romantically retarded.


Interviewer: And she threw it away, the pepper plant?

Alex: Well, not exactly. She put it in a vase at first, and then when it dried she framed it and hung it in our bedroom, where I get to look at it every morning.


Interviewer: Like a reminder?

Alex: Of course.


Interviewer: Wow, it sounds like it’s never boring at your place.

Alex: Unfortunately. Sometimes I wish I could just be bored from time to time. That will definitely never happen with Sasha around, that’s for sure… but I like it that way of course. Shit, sounds like I’m some kind of masochist.


Interviewer: Tell me something, Alex. I suppose people around you often find you… let’s say ‘a bit’ intimidating. How do you feel about that?

Alex: Hah! You know what? I thought the same for a long time, but I’m not sure about that any more.


Interviewer: How so?

Alex: Well, let’s put it this way. You meet a munchkin who, from the very first moment, scowls at you and threatens to kill you in your sleep, all the while glaring at you with those huge, blue eyes. I mean, that’s hilarious, kind of like Bambi threatening to tear you to pieces, but it does make you reconsider a few things. Maybe I lost my dangerous vibe somewhere along the way…


Interviewer: OK, Alex, our time is almost up, but there is something I’ve been dying to ask you since you came in.

Alex: Please, do.


Interviewer: I was looking at your tattoos and wondering how many you have, and I couldn’t help but wonder… when did you get the first? And which one was it?

Alex: Bush of thorns on my left forearm. I was around twelve I think.


Interviewer: No! Twelve? But, you were just a kid. How was it that your parents allowed it?

Alex: Well, I didn’t exactly ask for permission. It’s a long story, really.
Interviewer: You’ve certainly piqued my curiosity now. I hope you will share the story with us next time, maybe?

Alex: Maybe. (smiling)


Interviewer: Hah, mysterious and secretive to the last. OK then, thanks so much Alex. It’s been a real pleasure.

Alex: Same here. Thank you.

– Interview with Aleksey originally posted  on El Extrano Gato Del Cuento (Spanish)   and  Live a Thousand Lives (English)











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