” Oh, he’s a relative of mine … ” ( Perfect Opposite, excerpt )

By turns I shifted my gaze from my father, who seemed like he might even be enjoying this, to the huge tattooed ogre sitting in my couch, who evidently found the whole situation extremely boring.Alex

“How… just how do you think I’ll explain this to Bethany? Or my friends? I can’t tell them I have a bodyguard, but I’ll have to give some reason for his being here.”

“Tell them he’s your new roommate. “, my father said, “You can even add that he’s a relative, whatever you think is best.”

“Are you even listening to yourself? A relative? Of mine?” I waved my hand in disbelief, “Just… Look at him! He’s the very image of a jailbird! I bet he eats little kids for breakfast. ”


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